June 8th - August 12th 

Mime Me Up

Want to join the movement, get invited to the party, know what is going on??


Mime Day! August 12, 10AM-4pm 

Spenard Farmers Market & Surrounding Construction Corridor

Activities 10AM-2pm | Music & Beer Garden 2-4pm

In August of 1916, Spenard became the 'place to party'. 101 years later, we are keeping that tradition alive. 

'Day Of Fun And Frolic Promised' was what the headline in August of 1916 read as Spenard became the 'place to party'. Just over 100 years later, the Mimes of Spenard invite you to come frolic again with music, games, and a whole lot of fun! This free event embraces everything we love about Spenard: fun local businesses, a strong sense of community, lots of great art, and... a dash of the weird of course. 


Mimes ride free on the Anchorage People Mover today! Don your Mime inspired clothing and head on down to the Spenard Farmers Market!


Check in at our Mime-Up booth and get your Mime T-shirt, make-up, and your passport to the Mime Day activities located all around the Construction Corridor.


This artful passport will lead you on a fun filled walk to 12 different local Spenard businesses surrounding the Spenard Farmers Market. Get to all 12 businesses on your passport and you'll get a limited edition Mime Day print by Tent City Press and you'll be entered to win a 'Night In Spenard', full of gift certificates to all your favorite places (valued at over $500!)


There's local crafters, artists, fresh farmed goodies, food, and music all day at the Farmers Market! We want to celebrate the goodness of our local community here in Spenard during our beautiful Alaskan summer. We'll have our local radio station, KONR Radio 106.1, playing throughout our Passport Art Walk, activities and art pop-ups, and a beer garden hosted by Spenard Roadhouse and more live music from 2-4pm. There's just so much fun to be had!


1933 Population of residents in Spenard

1933 Population of residents in Spenard

2017 Population of Mimes in Spenard

2017 Population of Mimes in Spenard


in case you missed it...

Bike Mimes.jpg

spenard Bike Nation - Saturday, July 29th 11-1pm

All ages and 'Mime-friendly', this bike tour of Spenard is Saturday, July 29th starting at 11am. Meet at the Spenard Farmers Market as early as 10am to get Mimed-Up! This includes a complimentary striped shirt along with make-up experts who will make sure you are Mime-ready to go! Join this Mime parade of bikes and discover the fascinating and hidden spots that make up Spenard and learn about the history of this unique part of town from a Spenard expert who will be your guide.

Super Saturated Secret Pop Up Concert - Thursday July 20th 6pm

Join us for a free all ages pre-release concert in beautiful Spenard! Leading up to the release of their 3rd album, Super Saturated Sugar Strings is collaborating with MimeSpenard to bring even more vibrant art into the hearts of spenardians. You're not going to want to miss this! But you are going to have to play along to find out just where to find them. Turns out us Mimes aren't the only elusive ones!